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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Mad Cartoon

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Mad Cartoon
The show is 15-minutes comedy sketch show to be transported in a normal programming; Cartoon Network's schedule is Adult Swim shows block. When the presentation of the show MAD comic book is part of the short comic sketches in different styles. Imitating the work, and the appearance of a long-term participants like Sergio Aragones MAD, Al Jaffee and the late Don Martin also even something more animated montages, flash animation, stop motion sketches of all in one episode. To Crediting the writing of the characters "usual gang of idiots" represent the material available to give a brilliantly skewed takes on present events ...Targeting the viewers that  can vary "the children to say good night" public "college frat boys just waking up to the" demographic

Cartoon Johnny Test

Johnny TestJohnny Test, the Hit TV Show in Cartoon Network. The Johnny Test is a famous TV series and videogame and features to all the characters you have come to know love and like Johnny’s dog name Dukey. His twin intelligence sisters Susan and Mary and next gate neighbor Bling Bling Boy villains and Gill. Mr. Wacko & Brain Freezer

Cartoon Network Regular Show

Regular Show
Cartoon Network's Adult Swimming program block has turned into huge crowded and live action shows ("Children's Hospital," "The Mighty Boosh", "Look around You", "Delocated"), will be a pleasure to see the actual cartoon own. Fortunately, the NC is to add a couple of important new shows this month animation, cartoon spin-off MAD Magazine (simply called the "MAD") and the paradoxically titled "Show regular."
"Regular View" is insane and slightly distorted designed by JG Quintel. The series is characters and created by during Quintel participated The California Institute of Arts. (No shocker is there. Half of the leaders in Hollywood was there) "Regular View" refers to the daily adventure Rigby and Mordecai a couple of goof-off twenty something good friends who "work" in stewards of the land in a park. That should be noted, yes of course, It Mordecai is 6 meters high and blue jays Rigby is a raccoon hyperactive. Your boss tense, meanwhile, is a man-machine as gum ball. The proprietor of the recreational area is an incurable gay lollipop in a big hat. Oh! And one of their colleagues is a yeti. Yes, "Regular View" gets a thing for strange characters.

The Looney Tunes Show

The Looney Tunes Show
 It's excellent to perceive the characters yet again, "The Looney Tunes Show" is a miscalculation and fundamental mix-up of the permission Popularized by short burlesque responsible for this comic book series of new networks reconstructs the characters in a half-hour comedy with Daffy Duck and Bugs Bunny as ceramic friends and others appearing on the road. Lucas errors becomes righteous man in a series that shows short action and gags, static and almost collapses below the weight of heated moment despite the odd funny stories.
Production by: Warner Bros Animation
Supervising producer: Tony Cervone, Spike Brandt
Executive producer: Wisin Wade
Director: Jeff Siergey, Hugh Davidson, story editor
Writers: Davidson, Ben Falcone, Larry Dorf, Rachel RAMRIS,
The design of the main character: Jessica Borutski
The music: Andy Sturmer,
The voice casting direction: Collette Sunderman

The Amazing World of Gumball

The Amazing World of GumballIt's new show of Ben Bocquelet The Amazing World of Gumball, is certainly ambitious. The massive, various style of characters, dozens of special animation styles, the two seasons of production, a lot of publicity, the global production crew, and a brand new production company (the Cartoon Network advance Studio in Europe ) completed last original Cartoon Network, but the display is at the center of the advertising campaign worth it

Adventure Time Cartoon

Adventure Time"Adventure Time" has started a fantastic short cartoon of a series called "Random Cartoons!" collaboration with Frederator Studios & Nickelodeon. Made by CalArts Pendelton Ward, Origin cartoon was massive success, gaining more than 2 million times online visitors, when it was started in 2006. That was most visited cartoon to others, is a surreal humor, but relaxed and simple illustrations. All this behind the popularity of the original brief, Nickelodeon has been introduced a series, but because of creative differences, the channel Cartoon Network has finally broken the eccentric Toon 'into a full duration show.

Since 2009 December, the network began a series of advertising. It was closer to April, they hit the audience over and offers a preview of the upcoming shows. A series of aggressive part of the Cartoon Network is their last shot, and the Internet to the next "SpongeBob SquarePants" terms of attractiveness. But no, "Adventure Time Finn and Jake 'to live up to high expectations, which had been done?

Come on, take your friends! We go to very far-away land

Creator : Pendelton Room

Duration: 11 minutes x 2

Network: Cartoon Network

Studio: Frederator Studios Cartoon and Network Studios

Created: April 5, 2010


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