Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Cartoon Network Regular Show

Regular Show
Cartoon Network's Adult Swimming program block has turned into huge crowded and live action shows ("Children's Hospital," "The Mighty Boosh", "Look around You", "Delocated"), will be a pleasure to see the actual cartoon own. Fortunately, the NC is to add a couple of important new shows this month animation, cartoon spin-off MAD Magazine (simply called the "MAD") and the paradoxically titled "Show regular."
"Regular View" is insane and slightly distorted designed by JG Quintel. The series is characters and created by during Quintel participated The California Institute of Arts. (No shocker is there. Half of the leaders in Hollywood was there) "Regular View" refers to the daily adventure Rigby and Mordecai a couple of goof-off twenty something good friends who "work" in stewards of the land in a park. That should be noted, yes of course, It Mordecai is 6 meters high and blue jays Rigby is a raccoon hyperactive. Your boss tense, meanwhile, is a man-machine as gum ball. The proprietor of the recreational area is an incurable gay lollipop in a big hat. Oh! And one of their colleagues is a yeti. Yes, "Regular View" gets a thing for strange characters.

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